It has been a while...


So I've neglected my blog for a while but there has so so much going on. There was Christmas, then new year, then we were moving house and Tomorrow we will be heading to London!

Luckily I managed to keep myself out the packing boxes but I can't believe just how much stuff the grown ups had to move! Humans are strange...I mean...I understand the hoarding of food but I'm sure that half the stuff they packed up to move will never see the light of day again!

They had to buy two new book shelves to put all of their books and DVDs on....I'm sure I heard them saying that even with the new bookcases there might not be enough space!

Early this year I also got a new friend; meet Wood the Woodlouse, he will be helping my human and I plant lots of things in our new garden soon.

My human and her friend even let me tag along when they went Tardis hunting, we found it hanging around in Newport station when it was on it's way to Cardiff as part a celebratory tour in the run up to The Day Of The Doctor back in November.

The humans seemed a little preoccupied with wishing that a Time Lord might randomly step out the Big Blue Box and offer to take them around the universe! 

In preparation for a very exciting Brownie Guide camping trip in April, my human arranged for me to have my very own Brownie Guide uniform made. I think I look quite smart in it and I can't wait to hopefully start earning some badges as an honorary Brownie Guide!

And finally, the bit that I am the most excited about right now...

Tomorrow morning, my Human, her sister and myself  will be driving to London to Harry Potter World! That will be another off my to do list so please come back soon because there will be so many pictures of tomorrow's Adventure!

See you soon!
So this entry is a little late in its posting but a few weeks ago I spent the day with my human family at The Black Country Living Museum in the West Midlands. 

It was quite interesting seeing just how different life was in the not so distant past. It's mind boggling (especially for a sheep) to think about how much the humans take for granted in their every day lives!

Washing clothes, keeping warm, mobile phones, flushing a toilet, public transport, going to school, the space you have to live in, working conditions...all things that you human beings barely given a second thought to each day. 

It was like stepping back in time at the Black Country Living Museum, the staff there dress is old clothes and do things in their old fashioned ways.  In one house there was a lady who was baking in the kitchen in an old fashioned range and as you stepped into the kitchen it was sooo warm, then she told us that that house only had two rooms!! One up and One down and that there used to be 8 people living there!

We got go down into the coal mine and it was really dark, i'm glad my humans held on to me tightly because if a little black sheep  got lost down there i don't think i would ever have been found again! We also got to go to an old cinema and watch a black and white film of Laurel and Hardy that was amusing.

There was an old fashioned sweet shop and we bought some fruit pips and delicious fudge to eat as we walked around and caught the tram or the 'trolly bus'.

We even got to go to school! The boys and girls and to sit on different sides of the class room while the teacher (who was really strict) made everyone say their times tables, One person even got the cane for being naughty!
Though we didn't see any sheep while we were there we did see some pigs and some horses...i even spotted a  couple of canaries when were at the coal mine.

Did you know that they used the canaries to help detect gas down in the mines? If the canary stopped singing you knew you had get above ground quickly! 

They even used horses down in the mines too to pull the carts. These horses would spend pretty much their whole lives down in the dark mine. I don't think i would like that very much myself!

There was a fair ground too with a Helter Skelter and merry-go-rounds. I went on a really fast one with one of my human Friends...

All in all it was pretty fun day out!


Down in Nana's Garden

PictureIs that a really small Sheep or a really big Frog?
So this week we have been visiting Birmingham to lend a hand to a recuperating Nana following some recent surgery. Now, Birmingham isn't the first place you might think of when you imagine a wildlife haven but, if you venture down to the bottom of Nana's garden you never know what you might find! 
 Though some of the pictures in this blog entry were not actually taken during my visit, they are genuine visitors to Nans's Garden! Who'd have thunk that you could get such variety in a suburban back garden, It goes to show just how important our back gardens can be in fight to preserve our Native wildlife.

Of course, nature needs a little help sometimes and by providing all the little mini beast with a place to shelter and hide, perhaps something like the little mini beast hotel in picture below. These kind of homes and and hides can encourage them to visit and our gardens which in turn encourages slightly larger critters, like the hedgehog that was snapped walking up the garden path in the late spring of this year.

There is also a regular visitor to Nana's garden, and though robin's are a fairly common sight to out British gardens this little chap looks a little different, sporting a unusual flash of white feathers on each wing. 
Highlighted : Robin on a Fence
But you don't have to give your whole garden up to get the wildlife to come...just letting a small patch of garden do what ever it wants to will provide food and hiding places for the many species that can be found in our urban gardens. Put up a bird feeder, let your grass grow, leave that bit of wood to rot at the bottom of the garden, even just letting the weeds grow can bring in new visitors. 
Premier Bug Lodge
Though some visitors may not take up a permanent residence in your garden, you mind find plenty will find safe passage through your little of Eden, Just like the little hopper that you should be able to spot in this picture if you look really carefully. 
Spot The Hopper
I think maybe we should get the Brownies on board with this.....

So go on...why not build your wildlife half way the words of the RSPB... 
if you build it, they will come.

Little Patch of Eden

Anonymous Gifts. 

So it was the first night back Brownies this week after the long summer holidays and the Girls were absolutely buzzing about their garden...though admittedly they seemed a little more interested in all the bugs they could find. It seems we have a real mini beast haven thriving in our little corner of St Matthews Church Garden.

But what i really want talk about today is how a little hard work and dedictaion, Good deeds can be noticed and appreciated by so many people. When my mum arrived at brownies last night she was greeted by one of the guiding leaders with a huge smile and small packet of seeds. 

Now you may be thinking...'what's so exciting about a small packet of seeds?'...Well, the best thing about these seeds is that they were donated as a gift by an anonymous passer by that appreciated how pretty the Brownie Garden was looking! :0) 

Doesn't that just make all the effort of weeding and watering all the more worth while? Hopefully, come early summer i will be able to put a picture up here of lots of purple/blue cornflower blooming happily in the sunshine. 

So to out anonymous benefactor, thank you very much for your donation. It is greatly appreciated!  

PictureAs always...looking out for sneaky photos!
My Nana came to visit yesterday with Auntie Scoobie and this time the weather was certainly on our side so paid a visit to Caldicot Castle. Free Parking, Free Entry, Lots of sun.... it was a no brainer really!

I cant believe that ordinary people used to pay rent and actually live in one of the towers at Caldicot Castle right up to the 1960's! I also cant believe that when Chepstow Rural District Council bought the castle off The Cobb family they only paid £12,000!

The grounds of the castle were really pretty, manicured garden areas for the grown ups to appreciate, lush lawns to enjoy a picnic on and cute little play area form the kids! And that is just on the Inside of the castle walls. 

There were fabulous views from the castle towers of the surrounding grounds where there are beautiful walks and special areas for BBQ for those that love to BBQ!

I Had loads of fun looking for all the nooks and crannies i could hide to have my picture taken....I hope the knight in the picture here didn't mind too at me clambering up on to his shoulders!

The Castle is said to be haunted but we didn't see any ghosts while we were there....maybe they only come out at night time?!

No Doctor Who References to be found on this trip though...I guess the Dale


Baa Baa Green Sheep,

Baa Baa Green Sheep
Have You Any Wool?
Yes Sir
Yes Sir
Three Bags Full.

One For Your Ceiling,
One For Your Walls, 
And one For the Jumper
That Keeps You Nice and Warm.

Margam Country the rain.

Since my mum actually had a weekend off from work, she was pretty determined that we were going to do something with it come rain or shine!
As it rained all day but that really didn't stop us from having fun. 

We packed a picnic, picked up a few companions and off we went to  Margam Park thanks to a recommendation from a one of my Mum's friends :)

It was a bargain too, free entry to the park and only £4 for parking all day. 

Despite the rain there was quite a bit to look at, beautiful gardens, a farm trail (where i saw some cousins of mine), a castle, a fairy tale village, a lake with some ducks, pretty ruins, Go Ape tree tops adventuring (which we didn't do this time). Basically, something for every one.

We couldn't look around the castle too much on this visit as there were signs around that said there was filming going on for a Tv show called Da Vinci's Demons.

There was a Dolls House exhibition on display though which got us out of the rain for a while. Though all of the exhibits had obviously had a lot of love and time given to them, there was one particular exhibit caught my eye.....

So all in all, even with the weather not on our side, we managed to have fun and i think we will definitely be going there again...but we will take the sun with us next time.
Many of you may not know this, but my Mum helps out with a local Brownie Guiding Group and earlier in the year the the girls helped to plant a small garden in the church grounds where they hold their meetings. 

Now, with the school holidays, there are no Brownie meetings at the moment which means there isn't really anyone around look after the garden so my Mum has been going over to water and maintain it on their behalf.

My Mum took me along to help here with a bit of weeding as she hadn't had a lot of time to do very much recently and the picture you can see above is the 'before' was covered in Knot Weed and we could barely see the roses!

As you can see from the mountain of knot weed that i'm sitting on here...there really was lot.

My Mum said that the roses were not very grateful at being freed from the weeds because they kept snagging at her and scratching at her with their thorns! It was worth it though as they looked so pretty once we'd taken the weeds away. 
It looks pretty good now that all the different flowers are blooming, I like the Lavender the best because it smells so lovely and the Bumble Bees like it too!

I wonder what the Brownie's with think about the fact that their very own pixie has been lending a helping hand while they were away!
This afternoon saw a last minute trip out in the sun to St Fagan's National History Museum near Cardiff in South Wales.

Though we only got there an hour and half before closing time there was plenty to see in and around the gardens surrounding the Stately home that is build the grounds that used to house a Norman Castle.

We could only visit the open air part of the museum today as work was being done on the interior galleries...(just as well as we wouldn't have had time to look around the inside too!) but the gardens were beautiful with flowers blooming and butterflies flitting around. I wasn't so keen on the odd wasp that got too close but can't have everything i suppose. 

Inside the 'castle' it looked pretty cool with all the rooms laid out like they may have been way back when people actually lived there. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside the castle, which was a shame as there were a good few Photo opportunities to be had!

With cheap parking for the whole day and free entry  to the museum and gardens, I think perhaps my Mum might be planning to go back there another day when the sun is out again. I hope we go earlier in the day next time though so that we take a picnic and take our time looking at EVERYTHING and maybe even go on the tractor pulled train that goes about the grounds!

So the website had been up for a few days now and changes and additions are still being made. My favorite addition so far is the bit on my destinations page where my friends and fans can suggest where they would like to see me go.  

It would be impossible to find all the hidden treasures and secret adventures without the recommendations and suggestions from people that may have already been to or heard of  these places. 

So...if you haven't already posted your input then what are you waiting for....have your say!
I look forward to hearing your suggestions :)