PictureAs always...looking out for sneaky photos!
My Nana came to visit yesterday with Auntie Scoobie and this time the weather was certainly on our side so paid a visit to Caldicot Castle. Free Parking, Free Entry, Lots of sun.... it was a no brainer really!

I cant believe that ordinary people used to pay rent and actually live in one of the towers at Caldicot Castle right up to the 1960's! I also cant believe that when Chepstow Rural District Council bought the castle off The Cobb family they only paid £12,000!

The grounds of the castle were really pretty, manicured garden areas for the grown ups to appreciate, lush lawns to enjoy a picnic on and cute little play area form the kids! And that is just on the Inside of the castle walls. 

There were fabulous views from the castle towers of the surrounding grounds where there are beautiful walks and special areas for BBQ for those that love to BBQ!

I Had loads of fun looking for all the nooks and crannies i could hide to have my picture taken....I hope the knight in the picture here didn't mind too at me clambering up on to his shoulders!

The Castle is said to be haunted but we didn't see any ghosts while we were there....maybe they only come out at night time?!

No Doctor Who References to be found on this trip though...I guess the Dale


23/08/2013 12:04pm

Glad you enjoyed your day at the castle, and the weather was nice for you allxx


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