Many of you may not know this, but my Mum helps out with a local Brownie Guiding Group and earlier in the year the the girls helped to plant a small garden in the church grounds where they hold their meetings. 

Now, with the school holidays, there are no Brownie meetings at the moment which means there isn't really anyone around look after the garden so my Mum has been going over to water and maintain it on their behalf.

My Mum took me along to help here with a bit of weeding as she hadn't had a lot of time to do very much recently and the picture you can see above is the 'before' picture...it was covered in Knot Weed and we could barely see the roses!

As you can see from the mountain of knot weed that i'm sitting on here...there really was lot.

My Mum said that the roses were not very grateful at being freed from the weeds because they kept snagging at her and scratching at her with their thorns! It was worth it though as they looked so pretty once we'd taken the weeds away. 
It looks pretty good now that all the different flowers are blooming, I like the Lavender the best because it smells so lovely and the Bumble Bees like it too!

I wonder what the Brownie's with think about the fact that their very own pixie has been lending a helping hand while they were away!

Nanny (2)
12/08/2013 7:08am

Hello Nigel. I love the garden. Very pretty and colourful. Nanny (2) xoxo

12/08/2013 8:55am

its looks very nice and it must have been hard work

17/08/2013 11:24am

Hi Nigel, the garden looks great - I help my Mum in the garden as well! Did you get an icecream for helping or do sheep not like ice cream?


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