This afternoon saw a last minute trip out in the sun to St Fagan's National History Museum near Cardiff in South Wales.

Though we only got there an hour and half before closing time there was plenty to see in and around the gardens surrounding the Stately home that is build the grounds that used to house a Norman Castle.

We could only visit the open air part of the museum today as work was being done on the interior galleries...(just as well as we wouldn't have had time to look around the inside too!) but the gardens were beautiful with flowers blooming and butterflies flitting around. I wasn't so keen on the odd wasp that got too close but hey...you can't have everything i suppose. 

Inside the 'castle' it looked pretty cool with all the rooms laid out like they may have been way back when people actually lived there. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures inside the castle, which was a shame as there were a good few Photo opportunities to be had!

With cheap parking for the whole day and free entry  to the museum and gardens, I think perhaps my Mum might be planning to go back there another day when the sun is out again. I hope we go earlier in the day next time though so that we take a picnic and take our time looking at EVERYTHING and maybe even go on the tractor pulled train that goes about the grounds!


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