It has been a while...


So I've neglected my blog for a while but there has so so much going on. There was Christmas, then new year, then we were moving house and Tomorrow we will be heading to London!

Luckily I managed to keep myself out the packing boxes but I can't believe just how much stuff the grown ups had to move! Humans are strange...I mean...I understand the hoarding of food but I'm sure that half the stuff they packed up to move will never see the light of day again!

They had to buy two new book shelves to put all of their books and DVDs on....I'm sure I heard them saying that even with the new bookcases there might not be enough space!

Early this year I also got a new friend; meet Wood the Woodlouse, he will be helping my human and I plant lots of things in our new garden soon.

My human and her friend even let me tag along when they went Tardis hunting, we found it hanging around in Newport station when it was on it's way to Cardiff as part a celebratory tour in the run up to The Day Of The Doctor back in November.

The humans seemed a little preoccupied with wishing that a Time Lord might randomly step out the Big Blue Box and offer to take them around the universe! 

In preparation for a very exciting Brownie Guide camping trip in April, my human arranged for me to have my very own Brownie Guide uniform made. I think I look quite smart in it and I can't wait to hopefully start earning some badges as an honorary Brownie Guide!

And finally, the bit that I am the most excited about right now...

Tomorrow morning, my Human, her sister and myself  will be driving to London to Harry Potter World! That will be another off my to do list so please come back soon because there will be so many pictures of tomorrow's Adventure!

See you soon!

11/02/2014 10:28am

You are a lucky bo

11/02/2014 10:55am

Great to see you are still around Nigel. So have you moved into your new house? My humans often talk of moving, but I don't see how it would be possible....Mum says there is probably more stuff in the loft than in the house!

Wow, have fun at the Harry Potter studios!


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