Anonymous Gifts. 

So it was the first night back Brownies this week after the long summer holidays and the Girls were absolutely buzzing about their garden...though admittedly they seemed a little more interested in all the bugs they could find. It seems we have a real mini beast haven thriving in our little corner of St Matthews Church Garden.

But what i really want talk about today is how a little hard work and dedictaion, Good deeds can be noticed and appreciated by so many people. When my mum arrived at brownies last night she was greeted by one of the guiding leaders with a huge smile and small packet of seeds. 

Now you may be thinking...'what's so exciting about a small packet of seeds?'...Well, the best thing about these seeds is that they were donated as a gift by an anonymous passer by that appreciated how pretty the Brownie Garden was looking! :0) 

Doesn't that just make all the effort of weeding and watering all the more worth while? Hopefully, come early summer i will be able to put a picture up here of lots of purple/blue cornflower blooming happily in the sunshine. 

So to out anonymous benefactor, thank you very much for your donation. It is greatly appreciated!  


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