So this entry is a little late in its posting but a few weeks ago I spent the day with my human family at The Black Country Living Museum in the West Midlands. 

It was quite interesting seeing just how different life was in the not so distant past. It's mind boggling (especially for a sheep) to think about how much the humans take for granted in their every day lives!

Washing clothes, keeping warm, mobile phones, flushing a toilet, public transport, going to school, the space you have to live in, working conditions...all things that you human beings barely given a second thought to each day. 

It was like stepping back in time at the Black Country Living Museum, the staff there dress is old clothes and do things in their old fashioned ways.  In one house there was a lady who was baking in the kitchen in an old fashioned range and as you stepped into the kitchen it was sooo warm, then she told us that that house only had two rooms!! One up and One down and that there used to be 8 people living there!

We got go down into the coal mine and it was really dark, i'm glad my humans held on to me tightly because if a little black sheep  got lost down there i don't think i would ever have been found again! We also got to go to an old cinema and watch a black and white film of Laurel and Hardy that was amusing.

There was an old fashioned sweet shop and we bought some fruit pips and delicious fudge to eat as we walked around and caught the tram or the 'trolly bus'.

We even got to go to school! The boys and girls and to sit on different sides of the class room while the teacher (who was really strict) made everyone say their times tables, One person even got the cane for being naughty!
Though we didn't see any sheep while we were there we did see some pigs and some horses...i even spotted a  couple of canaries when were at the coal mine.

Did you know that they used the canaries to help detect gas down in the mines? If the canary stopped singing you knew you had get above ground quickly! 

They even used horses down in the mines too to pull the carts. These horses would spend pretty much their whole lives down in the dark mine. I don't think i would like that very much myself!

There was a fair ground too with a Helter Skelter and merry-go-rounds. I went on a really fast one with one of my human Friends...

All in all it was pretty fun day out!